The dream centre
Please get involved and support the D.R.E.A.M. Centre Appeal in any way you can. Be as creative as you like, but most importantly remember to have fun!
Some examples of ways to raise DreamTime:

Complete a challenge

Hold your own fundraising event

Involve your friends

Volunteer your time

Donate in celebration

Hold a fundraising “Dream Day” in your school or office

Make Chailey your chosen charity

If you would like any more information please Contact Us
The dream centreThe dream centre

With your support we can raise the funds needed to build the D.R.E.A.M. Centre.

We are asking you to buy DreamTime. By buying a Dream Minute, Hour, Day, Week or Month, you can help children and young people to benefit from this exciting new Appeal sooner.

At Chailey Heritage Foundation, every day is precious and we want to ensure that our young people’s time with us is packed full of activities and opportunities to have fun, make friends and achieve their potential.

Whatever you can give will make an impact. Every DreamMinute counts for children and young people with complex physical disabilities.